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Nesting Eagles 2012

The eagle pair that I have been following for last 5 years have been successfully hatched at least one chick this year. The babies came a few weeks early compared to last year.  Yeaterday I spent 45 minutes watching the  nest and I could barely see one babies head. The nest is quite far away from the road but the bridge right across from the road is at an elevation so you can see the nest at a less of an angle. I used my D200 + 600mm/F4 lens with a 1.7TC giving me a effective 1500mm focal length.  I still have to crop at least 60% get a decent picture. My D200 is showing its age so I can’t wait to use D800 that I ordered.

The image below  was taken two years a ago.

The same pair this year.

Male approching the nest

Cleaning the beak