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My Best images of 2015

I had another great year of wild experiences. One of my favorite trips was to see polar bears in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge within the arctic circle. However, my most memorable experience of 2015 didn’t involve taking photographs. On June 1st, a driver of a F250 pickup going 60mph fell asleep and hit me in a head-on collision. I managed to escape with a broken neck and ankle but thankfully, did not require surgery. After many weeks of physical therapy, many bottles of Ibuprofen and the support of my family and friends, I can now resume exploring the wild places even though I am not 100 percent back to normal.

Of many pictures I took here are some of my favorites.

  1. Polar bears in Arctic Circle near Kaktovik, AK


harshaj_151003_3464 copy 2web


2. The polar bear mother and the cubharshaj_151005_3354 copy 3web.jpg

3. Pheasant Hunt

harshaj_150412_2094 copy 3web.jpg

4. Northern Hawk Owl in Northern Minnesotaharshaj_150209_604 copy 2web.jpg

5. Saw Whet Owl with a mouse.

harshaj_150104_50 copy 2web.jpg

6. Great Horned Owl take off

harshaj_20151115_1345-754 copy 2web.jpg

7. Canadian Rockies in the winterharshaj_150116_387_2 copy 2lesssaturated.web2.jpg

8. Peyto Lake in Albertaharshaj_150111_18-2 copy 3web.jpg

9. Steaming Creek, Mammoth Lake, Eastern Sierraharshaj_20151209_394-69 copy 3web.jpg

10. Hidden Chamber, Valley of Fire State Park, NVharshaj_20151202_644-67 copy 2web.jpg