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Prey Vs Predator encounter_ McNeil River.

I spent five days at McNeil River Bear Sanctuary, Alaska two weeks ago.  It was an incredible experience. Full report will follow as  soon as I get time to edit the images. The most  unforgettable experience for me was to see an interaction between a fox family and a rarely seen Wolverine.

There is a fox den at the campground.  Mom with two cubs were seen on the beach most of the evenings.



Mother fox

The mom and one of the cubs

Unconditional love

Fox posing

One evening we found the mom making a sound similar to  a dog’s repeated bark . The rangers knew something was wrong and the fox was in distress.


We got our cameras out and went to the beach. The scene that unfolded in front of us was something that even the rangers had not seen at McNeil.

Mother fox in distress

Fox trying to distract the wolverine away from her cubs

The fox mom was chasing a wolverine. Wolverine was chubby , slow-moving but relentless. He was looking for the fox cubs, sniffing the ground to catch the scent. It made its way to the den following the scent. The den was underground and covered with tall fireweed. We could hear the scrubs shaking
and the fox sending the distress signal amidst lots of commotion. This went on for several hours. We were hoping for the best but fearing the worst. Next morning only one cub was found alive and the remains of the other cub were spotted by the rangers.